Mike Colombo and Jason Ocker from the digital agency Maark discuss creativity and technology in a commercial world. Except it gets a lot messier than that. A weekly podcast from the agency's basement studio in Boston.

  • September 29, 2019 | 47:53

    Making Decisions at the Exhausting Pace of Digital (Lookin' at You, Slack).

    Decision fatigue has always been an issue in business, but now it's an exponentially worse threat thanks to instant communication channels like Slack. Every one of those red dots is someone asking you a question...that you need answer instantly or break the flow of business. Mike and Jason just want to flip coins.

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  • September 16, 2019 | 53:49

    But Who Will Deliver the Creative?: A Response to Forrester's Idea of Moving Budget from Technology to Creative

    Forrester recently showed that brands are achieving no differentiation in the market due to the homogeneity of everyone's digital experiences, and suggested that to combat the trend, 20% of technology budgets should be sent to creative. This sounds good in theory, especially for creatives and brands, but it might actually mean that everybody's screwed. Mike and Jason just want, well, the same thing Forester wants, but know the reality of execution and delivery.

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  • August 30, 2019 | 45:47

    Upending the In-House vs. Outsource Marketing Debate

    It's a classic debate in the marketing world: When do you build the team to tackle all the various elements of marketing and when do you outsource? Today, that debate is much more complicated thanks to how technology is rebuilding marketing's role in the business. Mike and Jason just want you to remember that Maark is available for outsourcing.

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About Agency on Record

Here’s the issue: We can find 127,453,000 awesome podcasts about the most obscure of our hobbies. 373,435,000 great podcasts on current events that keep us informed. 6,734,000 strong entertainment podcasts to dull the pain. But we can’t find a single solid podcast about what we do every single day for a living at a digital agency. So we decided to make one. What would that podcast be about? Creativity? Certainly. We have to invent and execute ideas every day. Technology? Definitely. Ain’t no getting around that. Marketing? Of course. We live in a commercial world.

So we wanted a podcast that discusses creativity, technology, and marketing in a real, unvarnished way. A human way.

Michael Colombo is the CEO of Maark. Jason Ocker is the Executive Director of Creative Strategy at Maark. They’ve been friends for a quarter of a century, and in the industry for decades. And they’ve got a lot of baggage. They’ve seen a lot. They talk about it all a lot. So somebody stuck a mic between them.


Michael Colombo


Mike is the founder of Maark and has served as the agency’s strategic, creative and technology lead in programs ranging from the complete digital transformation of Fortune 500 clients to the end-to-end relaunch of category-leading brands to the strategy, design, and development of new digital products.


Jason Ocker

Executive Director, Creative Strategy at MAARK

Jason Ocker is an award-winning author and the Executive Director of Creative Strategy for Maark. He has been featured on or in CNN, The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, The New York Times, TIME, and other outlets.

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Maark was founded in 2001 with the vision of setting standards. We wanted to collaboratively create the work that would serve as a standard by which our clients judge their future work, and by which their customers judge their competition.

We believe that core to this vision is a passion for innovation, and a broad understanding of how the digital world moves, communicates, engages and interacts with its fully connected environment. We help our clients define and communicate their vision and their story, design new digital experiences, and develop applications at the intersection of where what’s possible meets what’s relevant.

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